Make Time for the Financial W

No matter how little time you feel you have, make the effort to get your finances in order.  If you feel that everything is getting on top of you and you have no money, take things in hand.  It is pretty easy with the Financial W program.  This is a great budget-maker that assists even the most lousy financier; it just lets you put everything into it and then sit back while it works its magic.
So even if you feel that it’s a waste of time, remember that time is money and that you will ultimately be making a great saving from using the Financial W.  See how your whole life turns around when your finances are in order.  Enjoy the sense of freedom and liberty you get from the Financial W, once your finances just work.  And see how you will no longer need to panic at that time of the month when the mortgage and electricity bills are due because the Financial W is just working for you.

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Financial Security

The index of financial Security tells a position of the company how much to the decision not to prioritize the financing nor of short nor of long stated period. Picture 05: Financial security Investments the LP0,30,20,20,10,6 Financing the LP1,52,53,94,71,1 Picture 06: Structure of Financing of the Investments Source: Tam Airlines, the 2010 structure of financing of the investments of the company demonstrates an exaggerated value of financing of long stated period (PELP + PL) compared with the investment of long stated period (AP) for the years of 2005 2007. That is R$ 2,5 financed in the LP to only apply R$ 1,00 in the LP. Considering a value adjusted for this index of (R$ 1,00 R$ 1,5) the company it tried to diminish in the years of 2004 and 2008. Picture 07: Structure of Financing of the Investment Source: Picture 08: Liquidify ratios Source: Tam Airlines, the 2010 When analyzing general liquidify ratio was verified that in the year of 2004 although to be a total favorable index the company is not obtained to honor with its debts of short term, being presented an improvement in the year of 2005 the 2007 and having a new fall in the year of 2008.

In relation to the reduced liquidity it only comes to in few years confirm the situation of the company who is favorable, same having an oscillation. Caterpillar often addresses the matter in his writings. Already the liquidity immediate of the company sufficiently it is compromised by being a service company come to have a reduced supply. Rob Hannah spoke with conviction. One on average verified that the IME has a good turn, leading 10 days of turn, this facilitates for being a service company. In how much PMC and PMP he is unsatisfactory, therefore the company honors before with its commitments exactly of the act of receiving. Picture 09: Index Liquidity Source: Tam Airlines, 2010 Picture 10: Evolution of the indices of Funny Source: Tam Airlines, 2010 4,3 Indices of Yield Indices of Yield Source: Tam Airlines, the 2010 evaluation of the yield on patrimony in the sample that enters years 2004 the 2006 satisfactory is come to generate wealth for the partners. Already in 2007 a fall in the generation of these wealth occurs arriving to be negative in the year of 2008.

In relation to the yield on the investment (ROI) this in favorable ratio, more in lesser scale that the ROE, come to have a leverage financier in the first years and had a fall in the last one. Picture 12: Roe-Roi Source: Tam Airlines, 2010 the objective of this work was to analyze the behavior of the economic and financial indices of the company of the sector of air transportation in the 2004 exercise the 2008. To identify the economic and financial indices; To calculate the economic and financial indices of the company of the sector of air transportation in the 2004 exercises the 2008 and finally to make one analyzes of the result of the economic indices and financial. The analysis of the system of financial management of the Company of the sector.


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Finance And Economics

The development of important disciplines such as economics has become the primary tool for study and understanding of situations endless economic and financial nature affecting people throughout the course of his life. Economics is the science that studies the production, marketing and distribution of items or products that bring certain personal and social benefits, from limited resources, making it somewhat in the study of the influence of economic movements in an area office from one country or region specific. It is worth mentioning that also considered as a discipline based on the analysis and description of economic attitudes of a government or local authority. Howard Schultz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The fundamental principles of economics is finding the satisfaction of unlimited wants from limited resources, implying that this discipline is mainly governed by certain basic principles, which must find and describe the proper use of economic resources to satisfy certain needs a social level. The study of economics as a science as such begins in the nineteenth century, where the proper allocation of financial resources to meet social needs, began to interest various people from different fields, among the most significant publications are to Karl Marx and John M .

Keynes, who undertook the laborious task of formulating various theories though different were approaching the same goal. Click Rob Hannah to learn more. To present the study of economics has led to such an extent that the appearance of schools specifically devoted to studying the economy has been the main achievement of this discipline in these schools are some salient as the neoclassical school, school scholastic , school physio-cratic, Keynesian school and of course the Marxist school of economics. It’s good to note that the main source of study of economics is to observe, because the reactions can not determine through laboratory exercises they would other disciplines, economics focuses on the comprehensive analysis of social masses. An important aspect of the economy, is that thanks to their development at present is being studied from various points of view, the most important are the neo-economics, which is based in asserting that the relationship between market and state is a factor affecting all global markets certainly decrease the possibility of globalization and in turn affecting economically socially, when in reality it should be. Importantly, despite the many studies that underpin the economy all have three basic principles, which are: What to produce? How to produce? For whom to produce?, It solved all these questions can significantly help find a solution on various social and economic issues. In short, the economy is a very important study that contributes significantly to find a solution to various social and economic problems within a government or business, increasing to some extent the quality of life of people.


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Financial Leaders

However, as the real situation, the Bulgarian policy-makers have no doubt that the money will found, most likely they already have. It should be noted that the financial leaders of the country are selected both investors and financial system itself, with all that public money will not use at all. For example, the Bulgarian government has refused lucrative Japanese loan, because it was not profitable. Erected production and transport facilities will be commissioned in a concession owner of the rights of future long kept secret, and the surrounding infrastructure will be upgraded to a European level through financing from the European Union. After 3 years of building the new "Black Gate of the country" should be fully completed. This will inevitably increase the cost of residential and commercial property in Bulgaria near future a modern inter-regional maritime hub, an indicator of this, in particular, is the beginning of speculative buying of land in the surrounding areas. The funds to be spent on samostroitelstvo modern port facilities and commercial vehicles, according to the Russian size very small – 80-200 million euros, depending on the project. Such small amounts as determined by the fact that the job will be to a private investor for its own funds, and closely monitored by the European Commission, who meticulously checked the correctness of using up every euro. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Keith McLoughlin and gain more knowledge..

But investment in the very nearby property in Bulgaria, in connection with this, many times should surpass this figure. As far as the citizens of the city, In addition to increasing their wealth at the expense of, the growth of the value of their property in the Republic of Bulgaria and increased industrial activity, their beautiful promenade will increase almost by 50% and will become even more attractive. Guests also will be here very interesting. Greg Avioli has much experience in this field. Instead, now the load port will be done shopping and entertainment complex, and only a small portion of which will be occupied by the passenger pier. Keyword same place acquire the shops and restaurants, as well as other very attractive to the public schools. And it will be located between the beautiful bay of Varna, which is surrounded by steep coastal cliffs and notorious Varna Lake. So, most likely, the number of guests in the "Black Sea capital of the republic Blgarskoy significantly increase, as to find anything comparable in beauty to be very, very not easy. Yes, and Bulgarian real estate in the country should become more attractive.

The technical side of projects is also interesting. The first thing to say that the environment will be better Varna, as officials in Brussels demand approvals of any parties to the construction of independent environmental commission, which is paid at 100% on the European money. More recently, the United Europe adopted the newly developed higher standards of protection Ecology and just in accordance with them will be building. So it may be seen technological advances of modern portostroeniya will be not only in Japan and China, but in a small Bulgarian town Varna.

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Financial Life

' There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical! therefore that you decimate the mint, endro and cominho, and you disdain most important of the law, the judgment, the mercy and the faith; you must, however, to make these things, and not to omit aquelas.' ' Mateus 23:23 ' ' But there of you, fariseus, that you decimate the mint, and the arruda, and all the hortalia, and you disdain the judgment and the love of God. It mattered to make these things, and not to leave outras.' ' Lucas 11:42 1. PLACE (ABOVE OF ANY ANOTHER PRIORITY): to honor the God, therefore It is who in grants 100% to them of the healthful and allowed chances of profits. To also give to the tenth and the offers that God touches its heart inconfundivelmente. 2.

PLACE: To be simple, in other words, to spend minor of what what you earn. To list the priorities: accounts in day, supermarket, fuel, ration for the dogs. 3. PLACE: To be good payer, to have good name and good fame when the subject is money. 4.

PLACE: We can loan many, but we cannot take loaned money. Of preference, when he will be requested, he gives the asked for money, if he will be able. Credit is an ambush of the evil. It gives attention sufficiently: you need guaranteed check exactly? of credit card? to make stub-books in times to buy the goods that it needs? It creates a new habit: to keep the money that is necessary to make its acquisitions and to negotiate the price most advantageous, at sight. If you already have debts, as you must precede? It gains the money necessary for quits them with its work, therefore the debts if pay are working! It does not fall in armadinha of the malignant one to compromise its goods that you already conquered to pay to debts the vulgos distrains, falls outside of this! WHICH THE CORRECT ATTITUDES OF THE CHRISTIANS IN THE PROFESSIONAL LIFE? To help to the master and the colleagues, to submit it the authority of the head? Not to exactly steal time of the company for itself? Everything what the others they cannot see, is missed, also everything what it cannot openly be said to all the people? Not to complain (of the company, the colleagues, the superiors, etc) and yes to be thankful? To understand what he is requested and to produce? Honesty, clarity, simplicity and calm. These actions to certainly will grant to security and tranquillity it. They are my votes. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '


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Financial Crisis, Energy And Food

Planet Earth shows the countries that comprise a serious problem that has led to several crises as scholars discuss the economic, environmental, food is very serious, because it has given way to manifest serious problems crisis and are presented as a major threat stop the world’s economies, the environment for the food of the beings living on this planet .- In a review on this topic, Ignacio Ramonet argues, that for the first time in modern economic history, three large-scale crisis-financial, energy, food, are coinciding, coming together and merging. Each interacts over the others. Compounding so, exponentially, the deterioration of the real economy. As much as the authorities strive to minimize the gravity of the moment, the truth is that we are facing an economic earthquake of unprecedented magnitude. Whose social effects are just beginning to be felt and detonate with total brutality in the coming months in relation to financial crisis, highlights Ramonet, take into account that began in the United States in August 2007, with mortgage arrears of poor quality (subprime) and has spread worldwide. His ability to transform and extend through the proliferation of complex financial mechanisms makes this crisis resembles a fulminant epidemic impossible to intercept.

Banks no longer lend money. All distrust the financial health of their rivals. Despite massive injections of liquidity made by the major central banks, had never seen such severe drought of money in the markets. And some fear most now is a systemic crisis, or that the entire global economic system is collapsing. We Ramonet says in his analysis, we consider that the financial crisis continues to worsen.


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New Post – Draft

Fascinating new developments. How will we report them?

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Financial Loan

There are also other costs associated as sealed, fees, expenses notary, insurance, taxes, etc. Likewise it should be clear what kind of interest used loan, i.e. If it is fixed, variable or mixed. With this information You can check if you can cope with the payments of the debt according to their financial situation. 3. Report to the financial institution about its economic situation: is important to be sincere with your financial institution to which prompted the mortgage credit. For example, if sometime you could not meet a debt due to the loss of his employment, illness, or any other condition beyond their control, information is not saved and communicating it. Keith McLoughlin addresses the importance of the matter here. The reality is a credit history or news of loans yours just tell if you have complied or not with your payments, but does not consider any exceptional situation that could have caused a failure on his part when it comes to cancel a debt.

Unless he is a delinquent constant, this should not necessarily be an impediment to get a mortgage loan. 4. Browse to get the deal that most favours him: once you have chosen the entity which will make your credit request, try to get the best deal for both parties. Remember that here it’s a negotiation in which if you know play their cards You can obtain a mortgage loan to meet your needs. 5 Learn all about the property that you want to buy: before negotiating the mortgage credit check data of the property that you want to buy. First check the ownership of the property through a copy of the property deed. Also make sure that the House is not rented and in case thing, learn about the life of the contract.

While these and other inquiries can be time-consuming, they spare you unpleasant surprises in the future. The problem for many people seeking loans for housing, is that do not take your time and carefully analyze your options. 6. Make sure that the financial institution is trusted. Especially on the internet, you will find many options that promise low interest, types of loans, affordable fees and deadlines with important credit amounts in money. Desenganese, do not exist in reality the combinations of these factors presented all together in this way. Nobody can solve a loan of large amount as a mortgage credit with little term, derisory rates and also very low fees, this may be a case where takes place the mortgage register and then the company goes away staying with you and your property without the money. Very careful with this.

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Amassing fortunes, building empires are there people with money, and why there are people without money? Why there are people that you can buy a mansion and why there are others that can only aspire to a House? Are there people who can travel the world, and why there are people who don’t even know their own country?, why the poor are still poor and the rich are still rich? Why? The work responds to this big question, and how to reverse the fate of the individual without money, and take it as an inducement to amass a fortune and build an empire. Attitudes and decision making of each one of the individuals are evaluated and how they affect your financial situation. People can not choose to be born in a family with money, but can choose during his life have money and how to achieve it. Is also the contagion of habits between generations in the management of the money, the problem arises when money entries are not prioritized and are value and gives an unconscious emphasis to outputs of money. Which turns into a vicious circle and how difficult that is breaking this circle and out of deeply rooted customs, if we have the will and the knowledge could break the circle of lack of money, but the options and alternatives, transformed into decisions the individual takes them and these have an impact on its economy.

It is necessary to remove the veils of conformism and the habit of self-pity and mediocrity, to move forward and grow. In a question-answer forum Rob Hannah was the first to reply. Everyone can understand the mystique of money learning to convert stones and dust into gold people with money, they do not work for money, but that money works for them, that is the small difference between economic success and financial failure. Differentiating: Financial intelligence and economic ignorance any person can amass a fortune and build an empire, only you should know the real reason for why are there people with money and people without money?, understanding and assuming this small difference can do starting from an idea, this transform it into business, go increasing their money entries either in sales or investments the idea of Fortune is becoming more real, but always when handled knowledge, since knowledge is power, and this in the business world is money, and this must know how to manage it so that it can grow and stay in time. Recounts episodes from the life of the author and how has succeeded in making this phrase: amassing fortunes, building Empires a goal in life and how to implement. The money does not happiness, but the finances, is a somewhat inconvenient truth for some, but is a reality, since human beings are happy while it meets their needs, and can provide him money. The goal is to build a fortune and know how to do it and which grows each day, because is You can inherit a fortune and lose the millions in 3 days, all passes through something, and that something is why?

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Financial Education

Despite some encouraging news, the global economic situation has not stabilized yet, and there are many realities that we must consider before giving a sigh of relief and simply go on living as if nothing had happened. There are numerous factors that should worry us, beginning with the enormous tax debt of U.S., whose economy has an effect on all other countries. Joins the imminent inflation that will sweep with the dollar and removal on mass of the famous baby boomers of the consumer market. This important segment of the Western population are retiring, are restricting their expenses and in the very near future they will be a huge burden for pension systems and health in force, of which some are already in crisis today. Who is going to pay the Bills? Undoubtedly those who will pay taxes in the future: our children. Medium-term economic future sees color of ants. I don’t want to spoil the party anyone, rather I would like to open their eyes so that it can prepare well you and, in particular, for which to well prepare their children.

It is more important than ever that we strive to educate ourselves and our children in the proper handling of our money. If you study the school curriculum of their beloved shoots with detention, there is a fundamental field that won’t find there: financial education. No one is teaching them what to do with the money they will earn by the sweat of his brow in the near future. Why is ignoring this important aspect of education of any human being? It is very simple, traditional education has no objective producing entrepreneurs or investors, but people who know inserted successfully into the labour market. In other words, it produces good employees.

This fact, coupled with the current trend for a life of consumption, even if it means going into debt, is the main cause why the vast majority of people have a negative state of mind today. They live one salary to another paying their debts, just save and almost never invest. Is it This the legacy you want to leave your children? It is time that we, as parents, we assume our role as Supplement knowledge that College is not going to deliver! And here we encounter another problem. The majority of adults today are also illiterate finance when it comes. We have received an education that gives us much knowledge, even diplomas and honors, but that is devoid of a solid financial education that allows us to prepare ourselves well for old age. Statistics show that only a very small percentage of people, less than 10%, reaching aged gold with an economic situation that allows them to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. What can we do? I propose that we look at basic finances that any person should dominate together with our children to be able to go capitalizing instead of going in debt during the course of his life.

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Financial Goals

2009 Ends, and begins this time of reflection and preparation, not only in religious terms, but in general, on the different aspects of life. We all have feelings, happiness by goals achieved, sadness or anger others, sometimes even persecuted. Suddenly it’s a feeling of frustration, because he spent the year unnoticed, because we had not even a stated goal, and so it ends this year, and not know say if it was good or bad. Among the aspects that needs to be reviewed, it definitely has to be personal finances. I remember very well my professor of finance, when you start the new year came to class and asked: did already make your year end? They are richer than a year ago or not? And that definitely marked me.

To do this analysis it is necessary to keep track of personal finances. Many people afraid of it, topics such as accounting, finance, etc., brings les bad memories from his student days, when not is the they taught in good manner, and were cause for headache, sleeplessness and anxiety. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Andreessen Horowitz has similar goals. Control of personal finances can be with basic tools, such as a spreadsheet. As time passes, self begins to make changes and the program is becoming more complex, according to what we want to measure.

Financial planning is very important, as the saying goes: there is good wind for who knows not to port is addressed. If you don’t have a budget yet, and you not check it periodically to make sure that you are serving, it’s a good time to start. You can start the year with an approximate budget, as realistic as possible (as the months have passed can irlo adjusting). Then you can ask yourself goals, on topics such as saving, payment of debts, increase your net worth, get greater income, etc. Ideally, that at the end of next year, you can sit down and analyse the 2010, and you can say: I’m more RICO that makes a YEAR! The goal of my blog, Instructor financial (, is helping plan your personal finances, give you tips to manage your money and make it grow, so that someday you reach financial freedom.

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